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If you look at your social security card, you'll notice that your own name is written in ALL CAPS. The only other place you'll see that is with overly enthusiastic YouTube commentators.  So why on an official document? 

Why?  Because  you are a Corporation in the eyes of the US. government.  And because you're a Corporation, you are considered potential government property.  And because you're government property, you're essentially an employee of the government.  You can have your freedoms taxed away, regulated away, and legislated away.

Your becoming part of the government machine also has financial implications.  If you look at your birth certificate, you'll notice it's just a copy of the original.  This copy is really just a glorified bank note, complete with the 'American Bank Note Company' ensign and red lettered numbers.

The Birth Certificate Conspiracy

This all started in the Twenties when the government was indebted from WWI expenses.  The Federal Reserve had just been created.  For the first time, each person was designated as a debt slave to the Nation.  Since then, the desire of the government has been to control you under "legal obligation".

Names are never written in all caps--either grammatically or lawfully.  The exception to this comes in our identification documents!  The government only "owns" and controls a false copy of you, yet they will reinforce their self-constructed paradigm whenever you violate one of their laws.  You are being legislated based on the constructs of a false reality that isn't true or truly enforceable.