BZP's - Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines were first popularized in the 60's as a sedative and muscle relaxant, among other things.  They quickly became among the most successful commercial drugs.  By the 80's, though, BZP's were beginning to get attention from the medical community due to their dependency factor. And that's not all--since that time, 'Benzo's' have been linked to increased risks of mental illness and violent outbursts. They may even trigger depression and anxiety problems, making them worse!

Thankfully, these drugs are considered a controlled substance in the US, and BZP prescriptions can only be written for a limited amount of time. The problem is that many become addicted to their medication by the time the duration of their prescription is over!  This, of course, has led to widespread trafficking of xanax, zoloft, etc.  

The Xanax Violence Connection