Allopathy's Monopoly

Most people have never heard the word "allopath or allopathic" but it is the type of healthcare service most of us in the United States are subjected to when we visit a medical doctor (MD) or Osteopath (DO) or doctor of dentistry (DDM).  I use the word "subjected" here due to the fact that the pharmaceutical industries-especially those US owned have controlled all the American medical schools  for many decades now via monies donated to these schools. In exchange for the money, these giant drug companies not only write the text books and control the curriculum taught, they also make sure certain topics will not be discussed, like vitamins and more natural methods of treatments.  Because of this most medical students only learn two methods of treatment; prescribing toxic chemical drugs that force the body to perform a certain way and when there is no toxic chemical available, amputation of the affected body part.

By significantly overcharging for their drugs and treatments, not only does everybody involved make huge amounts of money, these monies are also used to buy off the gate-keepers (CDC, FDA, FBI, Legislative, executive and judicial branches of our governments) and make sure that any competition is gotten rid of.  Yes there have been many cures found, but because they cannot be patented, or there is no profit, they are not allowed or as you will learn, we are not allowed to have access to them.