Many people view vaccines as a good thing, that's not what statistical results or historical records say.  Companies like Merck and Bayer were infiltrated and taken over by Nazi war criminals in the 50's.  These companies moved from their European bases to the US, evil chairmen and all.  Why? Because the Rockefeller's had already invested in these pharmaceutical empires, the financial potential was there.

Yep, those who produced WWII's gas chambers and tested dangerous chemicals on innocent Jews are the very same people who pioneered our current vaccinated, sterilized culture.   

Ever since our bankers welcomes such criminals into the Country over 60 years ago, the pharmaceutical industry has been growing more and more powerful. Children are being vaccinated with more and more vaccines, with greater frequencies and more potent combinations.  And as a result, there are more reports of vaccine damage than ever.  

Vaccine Dangers Overview

Most vaccines contain dangerous ingredients like formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, phenoxyethanol, MSG, and more.  Many of these additives carry long-lasting or even permanent side effects.  Although many of these harmful substances have been proven, well, harmful, they are still included in vaccines.

The (sometimes forcible) vaccination of children is a great example of the government tyranny that is being pushed onto our culture.  Give your kid these 15 vaccines, says the officials, or else you're a bad parent.  Why?  Once again, because 'they' say so...

They're now pushing vaccination on the poor and disenfranchised.  While this may look like an act of humanitarianism on the surface level, it's really just a way to jeopardize the health of a large group of people.  

Often the worst side of vaccines isn't seen in America.  Recently trialed vaccine have caused devastation in Mexico, where researchers and government institutions like to use native populations as test subjects.  

If you're interested in learning how to combat all this, check out the below link.  It's very educational and written from a first-person, experienced perspective.

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