Social Programming

Bet you did not know that you are not alone in your own head, did you?  Now before you exit out of this page, give me a moment to explain what I mean by that, since like you, I always assumed that the most private place I had was my own thoughts until I verbalized them or as of now am typing them up. You must ask yourself though, "Where do my thoughts come from?  
Because that is how we end up thinking the way "they"want us to.  By controlling the information we are exposed to on the television set, the computer and in our public education system, which also includes all public libraries.  Also, with the funding provided by tax-exempt foundations, our information is also controlled in the private education sector as well.  So before you walk away, think about this;  

Every decision you have ever made in your life was and is based on what you know and only what you know.  The problem is that what you don't know and you do not even know that you don't know it, has also been a part of that decision making process.  By controlling the information we are exposed to, they can control or predict our responses and choices.  They create boogie monsters in our minds and then feed those monsters until we are screaming at them to fix it, Please Mr Obama, or Mr Bush, or whomever has the power to fix this, please do something so that I can feel better!  We have been reduced emotionally to be like the little child in bed at night seeing strange shadows on the walls and in the corners, afraid to go to sleep and wanting mommy or daddy to protect us from what might be hiding in the closet or lurking under the bed.  Our government wants to be our mommy and daddy or at least make us think that is who they are because then we do not have to be the responsible adults anymore.  We can play with our toys while our children play with theirs, we have all kinds of activities to keep us entertained, and electronic gadgetry so that one day just blends into another, with no worries because the news people are the watchdogs, right?  And if things get too bad, well some government person will fix it.  That's why we elected them. 

Ever notice when you pick up a prescription medication at the pharmacy that the kindly pharmacist gives you a printout document that gives you a lot of information in very tiny print, most of which is in medical lingo that the average person does not understand?  However, some if it is understandable especially when you have a decent magnifying glass so you can see what most of the side effects are and look up the names of the ones you never heard of.  You can also see any contraindications (what not to mix it with) and if you had a few science classes you can see the molecular structure of the drug and its ingredients plain as day.  It's so very kind of the drug companies to provide this information because its kind of like informed consent.  You cannot say you were not warned in advance.

How come when we are to be given a vaccine, there is no package printout of contradictions, side effects and ingredients?  Could it be because they do not want us to know what is behind that needle?  Could it be that when it comes to vaccines we are not allowed to have informed consent? That is kind of a disturbing thought when some states are now making it mandatory to get vaccinated.  

To be continued...