Welcome to the most accurate resource for discovering truth!  We are the Southern Maine branch of Truth Central.

Do you ever wonder what is really going on in our world?  How do you decide whether something is true or not?  We live in a time where so many things are not what they seem to be, and there are so many viewpoints that all seem plausible.  

Our intention, through the work that we do, is to assist you in seeing clearly and knowing the truth.  The maze of propaganda that we try to navigate through is convoluted and contains layer upon layer.

We've all been conditioned over the course of our lives, to think that certain systems and certain behaviors are a "normal" part of existence. People don't know what they've been missing!  Many of the greatest of our cultural deceptions are hiding in plain site!  

Our goal is to help you sort through this deception.  You'll find pages here that touch on a wide variety of topics.  We've tried to test all things, so that you can be assured that our info is accurate.   

For a listing of the Truth Central group in your area, or to host a "Truth Central" of your
 own, please see the information at Truth Central USA, (which is the
 Command Center and Directory for all satellite Truth Central locations and websites on the North American continent) at www.truthcentral.info

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